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Jessie Hall

Jessie Hall, 16, and her parents Kristi and Cris Hall live in Granbury, Texas. Kristi - the Kelley's daughter - grew up in Cheyenne.

The Halls started a Hemi Foundation for children and their families who have had or will have the brain surgery. The foundation also works with medical professionals to pay for research into the causes of diseases that lead to intractable seizures and surgery.

 •  Go East on old Highway 30
 •  From College Drive - 4.2 miles to Reese Road
 •  North on Reese Road 1 mile to Beckle Road
 •  One block west to Ashley Drive
 •  Go North on Ashley Drive
 •  5th House on Right, 6565 Ashley Drive
  Any questions please call Gary at 307-630-6641 or e-mail us at papa@hemiforest.com.

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Those Who Helped Us

First to my wife and life partner, and her checkbook! Thanks for your year round support, and your great ideas.

The Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope is made possible by the hours and hours of business’s and their employees, and special friends who donate their time.

High West Energy supplies our home and our rural community with electrical power. Employees of High West Energy decorated over 540 trees again this year. The amazing thing was they did it in just 2 days. That’s amazing because they also laid out over 650 extension cords, and did all the high trees, flag poles, and steel building. You will see the highlift trucks and service trucks and the men and women and their children that lighted the forest in the picture gallery.

High West Energy also donated a special donation box and provided 6 very special trees to light the indoor model railroad.

Thank you for helping build the Christmas float, and pulling it in the Cheyenne Christmas Parade.

They have been by our side for each year of the Forest. Thanks for all you do to help Nancy and I make this forest what it is today!

Sutherland Lumber helped with the engineering the electrical infrastructure to light all of our trees, and the discounts given on electrical components. In behalf of the Hemi Foundation, a big Thank You” to Brian and staff.

Our large indoor railroad was put in place this year. The decorating of the indoor area was going to be challenging. A trip to Michael’s Hobby was made to buy lots of decorations. When they found out what Nancy and I were up to decorating and the reason for all the decorations, they took over the project. Simply elegant! The staff and their family members went all out to make this project happen. It took a full day on Sunday to create a truly Christmas Visual Delight. 8 people 8 hrs and very cold weather with no indoor heat truly tested their desire. Michael’s also gave us elegant poinsettia plants to give to those who donate $25.00 to the foundation. Wait till you see this display! 

Jamie Fowler, my best friend in the world, came up with a lighted 10 foot tree that sets off the indoor display. How elegant, how beautiful, it is. It is as though it holds the whole display together under its beautiful bows and hundreds of lights.

Jamie also made the granite memorial plaque for Eric Suzuki. It is a beautiful image of Eric’s class picture. What a great artist Jamie is.

Michael, Kelli, Kaitlin, and Emily Suzuki came all the way from Philadelphia to see the Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope. They added decorations to the indoor display and made the sign, and stand for the Christmas Parade float.

Again Capital Lumber Company came through with great pricing of Christmas Lights and fencing material for our “Forest”. Thanks Mitch!

Our Garden Scale railroad has been a year long project. Starting in January 2011 and looking like it will continue forever. Caboose Hobbies in Denver and St Aubins in Chicago has provided many hours of dreaming on their websites. We have now over 1200 foot of track, 8 locomotives, 8 ft trestles, and 40,000 lbs of ballast. When the water feature was completed in mid July by Sawyer Waterscape, the work on the railroad began. A trip to Denver to an open house garden scale railroad was attended after being invited by Dwight and Judy Zwick of Denver. Their friends have spent years building the beautiful backyard railroad. Many pictures were taken for ideas and inspiration. Dwight and Judy came up from Denver and added the handholding I needed to get started on the outdoor railroad installation. They brought weed barrier and chemical for the water feature. Great help! We even used the weed barrier on the walls of the indoor railroad. Great material! Many uses for our “forest” have been found.

Sawyer’s Waterscape spent three days building the water features. 5 water falls and 140 feet of winding creeks through the hemi forest makes a wonderful place to visit. I’m stand in awe of their talent, truly bringing the best of nature to our forest. No words to describe how much work and material it took to accomplish this setting.

Julie Huntington brought in her junior gardeners to plant lots of ground cover and flowers around the new water features. These kids will be remembered for their hard work and enthusiasm. Wait till you see this next summer! Thanks guys and gals.

We look forward to having you back next summer!

Texas Roadhouse is doing a benefit for the Hemi Foundation December 19th!  It is children’s night complete with Santa. We will display our Christmas parade float in the parking lot that night! Thank you guys and gals for all the benefits you put on for many causes in our community. You are the greatest! Truly a pillar business in our city!

Dave Lerner and the techs at Wyoming Network, Inc have designed this website and taken us into their talented hands. I just hope that I can fill in the pieces to make this site interesting to all who visit.

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