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Jessie Hall

Jessie Hall, 16, and her parents Kristi and Cris Hall live in Granbury, Texas. Kristi - the Kelley's daughter - grew up in Cheyenne.

The Halls started a Hemi Foundation for children and their families who have had or will have the brain surgery. The foundation also works with medical professionals to pay for research into the causes of diseases that lead to intractable seizures and surgery.

 •  Go East on old Highway 30
 •  From College Drive - 4.2 miles to Reese Road
 •  North on Reese Road 1 mile to Beckle Road
 •  One block west to Ashley Drive
 •  Go North on Ashley Drive
 •  5th House on Right, 6565 Ashley Drive
  Any questions please call Gary at 307-630-6641 or e-mail us at papa@hemiforest.com.

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About Us

Nancy and Gary Kelley are the grand parents of Jessie Hall. Jessie is one of those courageous young kids whose seizures become so bad that the only way to become seizure free is to have one hemisphere removed.

The journey in the process of diagnosis, and the ultimate time of surgery and the challenges facing these children, is far greater than we could imagine.

The challenge that Nancy and I took on was to establish a site that would recognize each and every child and provide a special bond among the families of these children who have endured this operation.

Gary’s idea, Nancy’s checkbook!  5 acres of  pine trees and Christmas coming up and the possibility of  Jessie and her family coming from Texas for Christmas was inspiration enough.

We care about each and every one of these kids in the world and their family. We have eight grand children and one great grandchild. Nancy and I still attend to our business and jokingly tell every one that we are retired. Gary writes computer software and Nancy attends the office management.

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